Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve already! I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by. But here we are, my favorite time of year. Our house is draped in red and gold, snowflakes dangling in the windows, and eggnog chilling in the fridge. We are mere hours away from opening our first present, Christmas pajamas that have been washed, wrapped and ready to wear.

This being my absolute favorite time of year and so close to the holiday, my Mom is here for her annual Nonny's Christmas visit! It's her favorite time to be here with us. There is something extra special about being in Winter Park during the holidays. Is it the generosity that greets you everywhere you go? Maybe it's the warm and fuzzy feeling of the community coming together for holiday events. This beautiful little town really shines during this time. Whatever it is, it's wonderful and I just can't believe how amazing it feels.

Christmas to me, has always been a time of tradition, a time to appreciate family and the love we share. A time of blessings and joy, which we have in abundance. Christmas should never be a time to rush, or feel overwhelmed. In the past seven years, we've spent each Christmas away from home. Usually running from place to place, feeling exhausted and a little overwhelmed. Each year Dave asks if we can just stay home, enjoy Christmas with just the four of us and make that our new tradition. Finally, this year and each year after he will get his perfect Christmas. 2012 is the year that we have the Christmas that we've always wanted. No traveling, no luggage, no counting down the minutes until we get home. We are home and here we will stay...amazing.

Merry Christmas to all!


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