Thursday, March 29, 2012

My little Bo, where do I even begin? You know that you light up my heart with love and fill my days with happiness. Three years ago today, I saw your face for the very first time, held your tiny little hand in mine, and watched you sleep all night. You were the sweetest baby boy in the world and I just couldn't kiss you enough.

At 3 years old you are charming, funny, tenderhearted, and incredibly smart. You are 39 inches tall and you weigh about 34 pounds. This year a major event occured in your life, when you moved from your birthplace of Arizona, to Florida! A big accomplishment for you was starting Preschool, way to go!

Your favorite...
place to be is at home with your family, at the park, or at Monkey Joe's
movies are Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Monsters Inc.
ride at Disneyworld is Splash Mountain
place to eat is Chick-Fil-A
snack is popcorn
friend is Michael
song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
books are Pinkalicious and No,David!
teacher is Mrs. Carter
comfort is your "banky"
weather is rain

Fun things you did this year include...
went to Disneyland
went to Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom & Epcot)
met Preston(baby button) the day he was born
went to your first movie, The Lion King
danced with your cousins at weddings (3)
vacationed in Bellingham, Washington
vacationed in Tahoe, Modesto, and Southern California.
spent Christmas at home for the first time!
made new friends
enjoyed being a 49er fan!
got a Monkey Joe's membership

Mommy's favorite thing you said to her this year was, "Momma, rock your baby", as you crawled into my lap.

Daddy's favorite thing you said to him this year was, "I wa-wa Daddy"(translation, I love you Daddy)

Sissy's favorite thing that you do for her, is when you open the car door for her, before going around to your side. She says you are a gentleman, and I agree!

Funny story:
I told you that your "banky" needed a bath. Ten minutes later, I heard the bathwater running and ran in to find you laying next to your blanket in a bathtub full of water. You were so proud of yourself for giving banky a bath.


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