Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to my 6 year old Star!

Kaylee Renee, my sweet little angel. I can hardly believe that you have been in my life for six whole years. It seems like only yesterday that I looked into your eyes for the very first time. You make Mommy and Daddy so proud, you are a wonderful person with a big heart and you love so much. In the six years that you have been in my life you have taught me so much, how to be your Mommy, how to love more than I ever imagined that I could, and how to be silly and have fun. I love my little twinkle toes, my star who shines bright!

At six years old, you love your family, school, and friends. You have excelled in all that you have learned this year and you love to write me notes. Ballet is your favorite pastime and drawing is your second. You are finally tall enough to ride Space Mountain and you no longer need a booster seat, even though I would really like you to use one anyway. Monster high dolls were a big hit this year, and you really enjoyed the doll house that Santa brought you. Being a big Sister has been a lot of work this year, but you are so great at it, a total ROCKSTAR! Your friends tell you that you make them feel special, I think that is one of your many talents, being a good friend. You love music as always, you rock out in your room to Taylor, Selena, and Justin Beaver...hehe.

Memorable moments of year 6
Learning how to swim
Meeting cousin Preston on his Birthday
Moving to Florida
Being a Flower girl in 3 weddings!
Traveled to the state of Washington for the first time
Vacationed in Tahoe, CA
Started Kindergarten
Made so many new friends
Went on your first field trip sans Mommy
Rode on a school bus
Enjoyed being at the farmers market downtown
Danced in your first parade, the Christmas parade
Went ice skating
Got to pet Santa's reindeer, Dasher and Dancer
We were given our very own Elf, we named him Willis! Thank you Nonny & Poppy
Took your little brother to his first movie
Enjoyed Disney World many times
Went to Epcot for the first time
Had more rainy days in one year, than ever!

Color: all the colors of a rainbow
Book: Monster Princess
TV Show: Winks
Game: Candyland
Pastime: Ballet
Friend: My Brother AND Alexandra
Place to eat out: Chick-fil-A
Place to Play: Disney World & Monkey Joe's
Snack: Popcorn
Teacher: Mrs. Rotenberger
Food: Peanut butter and Jelly
Dessert: Cupcakes!
Day of the week: Saturday
Weather: Rain
Season: Winter

Mommy's favorite Kaylee quote: "I have so many friends now, but you are still my favorite friend"

Daddy's favorite Kaylee quote: "Slow down Dad, what matters is that I get there" on getting to school late.


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