Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Heart Shaped Day

Oh what fun is to play with crafts on Valentines Day!

February fourteenth is an extra special day in my family. Not only do we celebrate the love we share for each other, but also the day that an amazing man and my very best friend in the world asked me to be with him forever...and I replied "YES!"

I've always thought of Valentines Day as the, whatever you want it to be kinda day. It can be just another Hallmark holiday or it could mean nothing to you, everyone is different. As for me and my family, it's a day filled with extra hugs, extra kisses, and A LOT of heart shaped things.

For the kids I made Jello playdough and a bag filled with fun goodies such as..
bath water color tablets
bath capsules (they turn in to dinosaur sponges)
spider man/hello kitty toothbrush
heart shaped crayons
heart shaped erasers
glow sticks (for a rockstar bath)

For the hubby I made an "I love..." Jar, inside it's filled many things that I love about him. It's not big enough to write EVERYTHING I love about him ;)

Evan(and I) made these for his friends.
Kaylee decided to make it easy on me this year and give her classmates good old fashioned ring pops!

For the teachers, we made a heart box filled with hershey kisses and a card that read...Kisses from me to you!

Happy LOVE day to all! (or whatever you call it)



  1. I love all the Valentine Love! I try to make the day extra special for my kiddos as well. That was a very cute idea/gift for your husband as well.


  2. Hi Lacey- thank you for stopping by my blog! I am now following you too :) LOVE all of your beautiful Valentine's treats...be back soon!