Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prince Charming

Three years and ten months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Evan. He was the most peaceful baby that I had ever seen. He stole my heart that day and he will have it forever. Two years went by and though it was rough we got through the no sharing, hitting, and SUPER ENERGY BOY that climbed the walls. Now I look at him each day and take pride in this sweet, loving, charismatic, snuggling, kissable, friendly, and charming little boy. Yes, CHARMING! I have never seen a little boy that is so chivalrous and charming. Evan has been opening doors for his Sister and Mommy for a little over eight months. I still don't know where he learned this! Though my Husband is amazing, he usually doesn't open my door unless we're on a date. I've always taught Evan that girls should be treated with kindness. Maybe it's because he spends so much time with his Mommy and big Sis, but Ev is such a gentleman. He has quite a few girl friends and he will open their doors, help them into the bouncy house, push them on the swing, and of course help them up if they fall down. One day we were riding bikes with friends and his friend Grace just couldn't get over this bump in the sidewalk, Evan jumped off his bike and helped push her over it, it was ADORABLE!!! I just can't wait to watch this little man grow up, to see the changes that occur every day is fascinating. I am just so SO proud of my little man!


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