Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear Lacey Drew,

My love for you is a blooming flower in the sun. You are my light and make me a better man. It gives me great pride to have you as my wife and the mother of my children. I am often filled with so much love that I feel stunned. I ask myself, when did this all happen. I have so much fun with you, that weeks feel like days at times.
~ be at your side with love and support.
~ try to be a better man and husband.
~ try each day to be the best father possible to our children.

I will try each year of my life to make Christmas special for you and our kids. You are amazing. You make Christmas incredibly special for us. I anticipate our future holidays and am so glad that when our children open their gifts and their faces freeze in awe, I will smile and look at you and we will share that ultimate love and appreciation for our family. That love that is bigger than we can contain.

You are my hot, sexy, beautiful, cute, and smart wife. Thank you for everything you are and everything we are. You are my life!

Love Always & Forever,
David Webster


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