Friday, December 14, 2012

15 things on Friday

15 things that are on my Christmas list

1. Health and happiness for my family
2. The cure for cancer
3. 49ers win the Super Bowl
4. World peace
5. Endometriosis be gone!
6. A brand new spine
7. Family vacation to Hawaii for 4 months!
8. Disclosure
9. A private jet
10.To win the lottery so that my husband and his best friend can start their own studio B3D!
11.My Mom to live next door, heck I'll even take the same state.
12.For certain mean people to be gone
13.My Children to have a force field around them that protects them always.
14.To have the entire town of Winter Park picked up and moved north to a higher elevation. I seriously love everything about this town, it's a storybook town. It just needs to be in a safe location.
15.This one is going to be a silent wish...


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