Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Fairy Tale for K&E

A conversation with a good friend sparked an idea in my head and now I'm making it happen. Life is precious and sometimes too short. What if (knock on wood!) something were to happen to me? What are some things that I would want my children to know? How MUCH I love them, yes, but also what they came from, our fairy tale. This blog has been my journal for the past few years, I won't lose it, and I'll never run out of paper. My Daughter and my Son may someday read these words and know how happy their Mommy is. Here is our fairy tale, for you Kaylee and Evan.

Boy met girl and they fell in love...

Daddy and I met in October of 2003. We were introduced by friends of ours, who were hoping to steer us away from previous relationships. That first night, we talked nonstop for three hours, there was an undeniable connection and it felt natural to be together. I'll never forget the look on his face while he walked me to my car, leaning on my open door with a big grin on his face, it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. He looked happy, really happy! The next few times we met, our connection grew, and the time we spent together was fun. On one occasion, we sat through an entire movie with our hands touching, both of us too nervous to make that first move, the one that turns a friend into a boyfriend, holding hands. Our first "official" date was November 3, 2003. He told me to dress warm and that he would pick me up at 10:00 am. There he was, right on time holding a CD of love songs that he had made for our date. We drove to the San Francisco Zoo, followed by the Japanese tea gardens, and finished off the night at The Cliff House for dinner. It was the most romantic date that I had ever been on, heard of, or even seen in movies. I was amazed that someone I had known for less than a month, seemed to know me so well. We drove home that night, listening to our CD, knowing that we were falling in love. He finally took my hand and never let go.

to be continued....


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