Friday, October 12, 2012


In honor of my cousin who is in labor at this very moment...GO MEGAN! XOXO
15 things every new Mommy needs to know.

1. Sleep when she sleeps. No really...that is not one to ignore if you like yourself!
2. Dry Shampoo...ahhhh! The person who invented dry shampoo had a newborn at home.
3. Breast feeding is not as easy as it looks, don't get discouraged. The La Leche League is a great source of information
4. When Daddy offers to help, let him! You are a team, and believe me, it takes at least two!
5. It's okay to tell visitor's that it's time to go home (unless that visitor is my Aunt Stephanie)
6. Have already made snacks in the fridge. When you are exhausted food isn't your top priority, but you still have to eat. Drink plenty of water.
7. When people offer to bring you dinner or help you in any way, let them. Your job is Reagan, let other people take care of you right now.
8. When the baby is sleeping during the day, turn the music or TV on low. The house can't possibly be silent ALL the time, it's best if she gets used to sleeping with a bit of noise. This will also prevent you from freaking out on people when they sneeze while she is sleeping. I wouldn't know that from experience, it's just a guess.......
9. When you get up for feedings throughout the night, keep the lights as dim as possible. It's easy for newborns to get their days and nights mixed up, this will help.
10.Binky's are your new best friend. If she will take one, encourage it! It will later be referred to as a plug.
11.Take pictures of every outfit that you love! They grow too fast to wear anything more than twice.
12.Take videos of her all the time. In 3 years, you will be so thankful that you documented the sweetness. In 6 years, she will enjoy watching them.
13.Kiss her all the time!!! For me, for you, for me some more!
14.You are a MOMMY! That came fully loaded with kisses, snuggles, and a Mommy's intuition. You know what she needs, trust your intuition.
15. There will be moments when you feel like you are doing everything wrong, that's when you know that you are a good Mom.
16. Call AND Skype your cousin Lacey ALL the time. As always she is here for whatever, whenever you need her!

For the record, I am NOT a Doctor, nor a parenting book Author. This is NOT professional advice, I have only raised two healthy and happy children. This is based on experience alone.


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