Friday, February 17, 2012

Fifteen things I enjoy doing with my kids.

1. Crafts- Lay out paper, crayons, finger paints, stickers, and anything else you have in your craft closet and let them go wild. It's so fascinating to see what they create.

2. Dance Party- clear out the room and turn up the music! This is an everyday activity at my house.

3. Picnic- Pack up sandwiches or hit up the drive thru, enjoy lunch outside

4. Bake Cupcakes- Pre measure ingredients and let the kids pour them
in to the mixing bowl. Don't forget to let the kids lick the frosting beater!

5. Rockstar bath- throw in some glow sticks and turn off the lights! The kids might want to sing and wiggle in the tub, so add some music and enjoy the show.

6. Farmer's market- this is a family activity that can be fun for everyone. Let them help you pick out some fresh vegetables, it may encourage them to eat their veggies. Make sure to stop and get some fresh squeezed lemonade!

7. Park- fresh air and sunshine are always a good thing.

8. Embrace a rainy day- when it rains we like to snuggle on the porch and read a book or just talk. If it's warm enough break out the umbrella's and
play in the rain.

9. Make dinner- pizza is our favorite! Everyone gets to toss on some cheese
AND add a topping.

10. Dress up- Even my little guy breaks out the masks for this one! Here's your chance to use all those bridesmaid dresses again!

11.Playdough- it's even more fun when you make your own! Inspire them to be creative.

12.Balloons- keep bags of balloons stashed in the closet and bring them
out on days that are too wet or cold to play outside. Make a game out of it, throw them in the air and say "don't let them touch the ground!". How about balloon baseball, get the long balloons and use them as a bat. You could sort the balloons by color and stash them in funny places, green balloons in the bathtub! Make the balloons smaller in size and hide them all over the house. A balloon scavenger hunt is always fun!

13. Monkey Joe's- this is great for all of us! They get to bounce that energy out, and Mommy gets a mini break!

14. Movie night- pop some popcorn and break out the candy. We like to cover the living room floor with blankets and pillows for some snuggle time!

15. Say your prayers together- let them say the blessing at dinnertime. Even if they are thanking God for apple juice and chicken nuggets, it's a beautiful thing to hear.


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