Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Think happy thoughts

I've discovered a lot of things about myself in the last year. Things that make me proud of who I am, as a Wife, Mother, and Individual. Through chaotic times in our life, character and love are strengthened. We have faced a lot of change in the last thirteen months, change in location, relationships, routine, life in general has evolved. My patience has been tested, as well as my faith, and trust. At times I've felt overwhelmed by it all, but I know that life won't give me anything that I can't handle. Now more than ever I have complete faith that everything happens for a reason.

The key to my happiness has been a positive attitude, put out what you wish to receive. I would imagine my wonderful husband and the family we would make, one girl and one boy. We would live off of love and work together at our family business. So far, I'm a twenty nine year old stay at home Mom, with one Daughter, and one Son. My Husband is my absolute best friend in the world, and he enjoys his profession, so we'll put the family business on hold for a while. Back to thinking happy thoughts. When my Husband and I met, some things that attracted us to each other, is that we share the same values, dreams, and a pure happiness to live our life. Good things happen to good people, right? Maybe?

As much as I would love to believe that this world is made up of rainbows and fairy tales, the cold hard fact is that it's NOT. I was raised to care about the feelings of others, to help when someone is in need, to listen and be there for those I love. Nobody mentioned anything about protecting myself from people who will hurt you or take advantage of your friendship. Throughout my life it has become apparent to me, that this world is filled with people who will do just that. Someone who isn't happy with their own situation, can all too easily rub off on others. Like most of us, I've had negative influences in my life, and I know just how easy it is to get sucked into that frame of mind. For several years I've listened to ranting and complaining, always about the same person. When you hear the same thing enough times, you start to feel like you've witnessed it yourself. I found myself feeling pity for him/her, and sharing in the misery, allowing myself to throw my own emotions into the mix. Note to self, just because you have been listening for years, doesn't mean you get to speak...EVER. My friends and family warned me not to listen to any of "the stories", they would say if you didn't hear it yourself, don't believe it. Now I can see what they were trying to tell me...all too clearly. I've never had someone in my life that held so much animosity towards me, and carried it so secretly. Out of all the friends and family that have spent my entire life getting to know me, it's the person who knows me least that judges me. Hindsight? I strayed out of my happy zone, into unknown territory, and it was a negative experience. Fortunately for me, this life lesson came early on. Life is too short to waste on being anything but happy.

I will not allow negativity in my life, ever again. Always be aware of the people that influence you and your opinion of others. A good friend doesn't bring you down, she will lift you up. It's important to understand, that we are all different, our relationships can be too. I believe that we have different strengths and weakness for a reason. The best of friends will find balance in each other, and together bring a positive energy to the relationship. Lucky for me, my life is filled with incredible people that make it easy to stay positive.

Think happy thoughts!


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