Friday, October 5, 2012

Fifteen things that I love about my life...

1. David, he is just amazing and he loves me so much, I see it in his eyes every time he looks at me. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him. He makes me laugh, makes me happy, and he is my BEST FRIEND FOREVER. True love.
2. My two beautiful children. They are so incredible and cute, I just feel so blessed to be their Mommy. I get to hang with them twenty four hours a day and I love it. My kids ROCK!
3. My Parents are so great, all of them. They have raised me to be what I am and are very proud of that. They are filled with love and support for me always and they are wonderful in-laws and Grandparents!
4. My siblings, I have two sisters and one brother. Growing up we were best
friends and every day was filled to the max with FUN! There was never a dull moment in our home.
5. My Grandparents are the BEST! My favorite couple in the world. They have shown me what true love really is. I'm so lucky that they have played a huge role in my life and now in my husband and children's life as well. David has always said that we have, "Robert and Linda kind of love."
6. My Aunts and Uncles. They are such amazing role models and great people, they also gave me #7. Even with all the mileage between us, they play a role in my children's lives and that means the world to me.
7. My cousins! I love them all so much! We have always been so close, built-in best friends, and many of my best memories are with them.
8. My friends. You know who you are and you know how much I love you. Each and every one of you has and equally special role in my life. I feel like I hit the jackpot in the friendship department.
9. My family in-law. They are wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better family to marry into. I love them so much, all of them!
10. The Olin's. We love the Olin's so much that they get their own number. They are our family besties! The kids love each other, the Mom's love each other, the Dad's love each other, and we all love each other. BFF's!!!
11. Doing nice things for people. It makes me feel great when I can do something nice for someone else, that is a happy feeling.
12. Family Fun days! These are days that make great memories for my family. We wake up in the morning and decide what adventure we will take that day, it is always an outing and usually somewhere that we have never been. It is truly magical to see the excitement in my children's eyes. Family Fun day is never a disappointment.
13. Family football Sundays! THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK. We go all out on Sunday, we cheer for our team, sing, dance, snuggle, snack on all of our favorite foods. It's unanimously the favorite day for each of us. Good memories are made on Sunday in our home.
14. Family camp-out nights is another family activity that I love. We blow up the air mattress in the living room, load it up with blankets and pillows, make popcorn, and watch a movie. Then we have a pillow fight, laugh, and talk until we all fall asleep together.
15. Book Club! I love to read, I love to read with my friends, and I love to chat and drink wine with my friends. Enough said!

I may not be a perfect person, and I make mistakes. There are things that get me down sometimes, just like everyone else. All that matters at the end of the day is that my life is so great for me! It may not be for someone else, but for me it is everything I want it to be. The fifteen things listed above, that's all I need. Each and every day I am filled with pure happiness! I am blessed.

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