Sunday, June 13, 2010

25 books in 2010

I've always loved to read, but for the past 4 years I haven't had much time. Shortly after Kaylee's 1st birthday, my friends decided to start a bookclub. I gladly jumped right in thinking if I had a deadline, I would have to read, right? WRONG! We had a 300 page limit and I barely made it each month. However, I loved being in a bookclub so I stuck with it. In November of 2007 we chose to read Twilight...Oh boy! I don't know how, but I read that book in 3 days. I read during naptime, while making dinner, sitting at the doctor's office, and in line at the grocery store. I was obsessed! It made me realize that if I really wanted to read, I would find the time.

I've set my reading goal for 2010 at 25 books and I am determined to do it! I will be updating my booklist as I go and I will rate each book based on this star rating...
***** OMG! This book is amazing!
**** I will read this book at least 2 more times before I die
*** I liked it
** I'm glad I finished it
* I'd rather be cleaning...

Here is my booklist so far...

1. Time Traveler's Wife *****
2. Dear John ****
3. Eat, Pray, Love ***
4. Chasing Harry Winston **
5. The Carrie Diaries ***
6. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner ***
7. 90 Minutes in Heaven *
8. A Reliable Wife ****
9. Matters of the Heart***
10.The Gift****
11.Can you keep a secret? ****
12.The Shack ***
13.Post Mortem ***
14.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ****
15.The Christmas Box ***
16.Love the one you're with ***
17.The Girl who played with fire (currently reading)