Sunday, June 27, 2010

15 things on Friday

Here are 15 things that make me laugh....

1. Watching my 4 yr old and 1 yr old wrestle
2. Will Ferrel
3. Watching the office
4. David
4. When people trip/fall....I know it's mean,but I can't help it
5. Wedding toasts
6. Infomercials
7. When babies first learn to walk
8. Watching certain people argue...sorry can't name names
9. When Kaylee asks me where I bought my shirt because it's so cute
10.MODERN FAMILY!!! Hilarious!
11.When I look back on my day....
12.Listening to Kaylee talk about her day
13.Watching Evan dance
14.David's's so funny that it makes me laugh
15.Chelsea Handler


  1. I can't help but laugh when people fall either!!

  2. I love Modern Family too. I love Cam!

  3. Oh how I love Modern Family! Your daughter sounds like quite a character!