Thursday, April 29, 2010

15 things on Friday

I'm late on this because I was at Disneyland last Friday. In honor of that here are 15 things I enjoyed at Disneyland!

1. Seeing my family
2. Celebrating my cousins upcoming wedding!!!!!
3. Fun rides!
4. California Adventure....tower of terror & california screamin'...AWESOME!
5. Buying souveniers for my kids and hubby....I was on a mission.
6. Yummy drinks ;)
7. I enjoyed seeing all of the kids so happy and excited.
8. Good food!
9. The weather was great!
10.The videos and pictures that David sent me all day...thanks babe! You're the best!
11.I love the energy at Disney, it's just a happy place
12.The colors! There are so many beautiful colors everywhere you turn.
13.Looking for hidden Mickey's
14.I lost a pound from all the
15.Making wonderful memories with the amazing women in my family!

1 comment:

  1. I love Californian Screamin, too bad I wont get to ride it this weekend. Glad you had fun with family.

    Will you post pics?